F# Applied II

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The objective of this book is to answer to the most significant question that developers encounter while learning or working with F#.

How can I build a real-world, production-ready, end-to-end application in F# using the functional programming principles?

Immutability, Type Safety, Pattern Matching, Pure Functions and all other functional programming things sound good on paper but How can I build something useful by applying it?

This book has been created exclusively to answer these questions in a developer-friendly way!

Sounds interesting?

Let’s have a look at what we will be learning from this book.

We are going to build a clone of the Twitter application, FsTweet. Right from starting an empty directory for the application to deploying it on Azure App Service, we are going to learn step by step. It was narrated in such a way that I will be doing pair programming by sitting next to you and collaboratively building the application from scratch.

The features that will be building includes

  • Handling new user signups and verifying their email address
  • Authenticating them to access their twitter wall and profile page
  • Following other Twitter users
  • Publishing the tweets to the followers and get real-time updates.

On the technical side, we are going to learn a lot of things and to quote a few; we’ll be learning

  • The Application of functional programming principles in a real-world application
  • Server-Side Rendering in Suave using DotLiquid
  • Authentication and Authorisation in Suave
  • Application Logging using Logary
  • Error handling in asynchronous operations.
  • Database access using SQLProvider
  • Managing Stream using GetStream.io

Overall, It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I believe it will add value in your functional programming journey in F#.

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F# Applied II

3 ratings
I want this!